British filkers who have been guests at foreign conventions

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Gytha North Guest of Honour Consonance 2, Oakland, CA, USA. 1st-3rd March 1991
Mike Whitaker Interfilk guest
(the first recipient)
Consonance, San Jose, CA, USA. 6th-8th March 1992
Zander Nyrond Interfilk guest OVFF, Ohio, USA. 22nd-24th October 1993
Talis Kimberley Featured Filker Boskone 32, Framingham, MA, USA. 17th-19th February 1995
Talis Kimberley Guest of Honour FilKONtario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 11th-13th April 1997
Philip Allcock Interfilk guest ConCerto, New Jersey, USA. 13th-15th June 1997
Phoenix Guests of Honour FilkCONtinental 1998, Blankenheim, Germany. 16th-19th October 1998
Valerie Housden Fan GoH Sferakon, Zagreb, Croatia. 14th-16th April 2000
Minstrel and Patchwork Guests Nasacon 2000, Stockholm, Sweden. 7th-9th July 2000
Talis Kimberley Guest of Honour OVFF, Columbus, OH, USA. 27th-29th October 2000
Tim & Annie Walker Interfilk guests GaFilk, Atlanta, GA, USA. 5th-7th January 2001
Tom Holt Featured Filker Boskone 39, Framingham, MA, USA. 15th-17th February 2002
(Tom was unable to make the trip due to work commitments)
Zander and Janet Filk guests of Honour Marcon 37, Columbus, OH, USA. 24th-26th May 2002
Minstrel Guest of Honour FilkCONtinental 2002, Freusburg, Germany. 4th-6th October 2002
Talis Kimberley Guest of Honour Consonance, Milpitas, CA, USA. 7th-9th March 2003
Simon Fairbourn Co-Guest of Honour Consonance, Milpitas, CA, USA. 7th-9th March 2003
Rika Körte Interfilk guest ConCertino, Worcester, MA, USA. 18th-20th July 2003
Mich Sampson Guest of Honor GAFilk 2004, Atlanta, GA, USA. 9th-11th January 2004
Minstrel Guest of Honor Conterpoint 2004, Rockville, MD, USA. 11th-13th June 2004
Chris  Conway Featured Filk Guest Confluence 2004, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 23rd-25th July 2004
Cosmic Trifle Guests of Honour FilkCONtinental 2004, Freusburg, Germany. 1st-3rd October 2004
Martin (GK) and Andrea Gordon-Kerr Interfilk guests Conchord 19, Woodland Hills, California. 26th-28th August 2005
Chris Conway International Guest Consonance, California. 3rd-5th March 2006
Chris Conway Guest of Honour FilKONtario 16, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 31st March-2nd April 2006
Mike Whitaker Guest of Honor ConCertino 2006, Worcester, MA, USA. 16th-18th June 2006
Lawrence Dean Featured Filk Guest Confluence 2006, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 28th-30th July 2006
Talis Kimberley Guest of Honour FilkCONtinental 2006, Freusburg, Germany. 29th September-2nd October 2006
Gwen Knighton International Guest Consonance 2007, California. 2nd-4th March 2007
n'Early Music Consort Guest of Honour
Official Filk Waif
Interfilk Guest
Special Guest
FilKONtario 17, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 23rd-25th March 2007
Tim & Annie Walker Guests of Honor OVFF, Columbus, OH, USA. October 2008
Lawrence Dean Interfilk guest Conflikt 2, Seattle, WA, USA. 30th January-1st February 2009
Playing Rapunzel International Guest Consonance 2009, Milpitas, CA, USA. 6th-8th March 2009
Chris  Conway Filk Guest of Honour Marcon 2009, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 22nd-24th May 2009
Chris O'Shea Interfilk Guest Consonance 2010, Milpitas, CA, USA. 5th-7th March 2010
Talis Kimberley Filk Guest of Honor DucKon 19, Naperville, IL, USA. 18th-20th June 2010
Minstrel International Guest Consonance 2011, Newark, CA, USA. 4th-6th March 2011
Wilderwood (Tim & Annie Walker) Guest of Honor FilkCONtinental 2011, Freusburg, Germany. 30th September-2nd October 2011
Gwen Knighton
(with Three Weird Sisters)
Guests of Honor Consonance 2012, California. 2nd-4th March 2012
Playing Rapunzel Guests of Honor ConCertino 2012, Boxborough, MA, USA. 29th June-1st July 2012
Tim and Annie Walker Guests of Honour FilKONtario 23, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 19th-21st April 2013
Chris Conway International Jubilee Guest DFDF 2013, Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany 14th-16th June 2013
Lissa Allcock Interfilk Guest Conterpoint 2013, Gaithersburg, MD, USA 21st-23rd June 2013
Gwen Knighton Raftery Guest of Honor GAFilk 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA 10th-12th January 2014
Piers Cawley Interfilk Guest FilKONtario 24, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 25th-27th April 2014
Talis Kimberley European Guest of Honour FilKONtario 25, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 16th-19th April 2015
The Crooklets Special Guest FilkCONtinental 2015, Wernigerode/Harz, Germany 2nd-4th October 2015
Jackie Mitchell Interfilk Guest Conflikt 9, Seattle, WA, USA. 29th-31st January 2016
Tim and Annie Walker Overseas GoHs RainbowCon I, Seattle, WA, USA. 29th April-1st May 2016
Talis Kimberley Special Music Guest MuseCon 6, Chicago, IL, USA. 5th-7th August 2016
Mike Whitaker Guest of Honour FilKONtario 27 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 21st-23rd April 2017
Talis Kimberley Music Guest of Honor Marcon 2017, Columbus, OH, USA. 12th-14th May 2017
Playing Rapunzel UK Guests of Honour FilkCONtinental 2017. Wernigerode/Harz, Germany 29th September-2nd October 2017

Future Conventions

Gwen Knighton Raftery Overseas Guest of Honor RainbowCon 2.1, Freeland, WA, USA 4th-6th May 2018
Jared Walker Interfilk Guest GAFilk 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA 11th-13th January 2019