Miscellaneous Links

Links that didn't fit in the other pages.

The filk newsgroup on Usenet is rec.music.filk

The FILK_UK mailing-list is for the discussion of Filk and related topics (music, sf, fandom.....) in the UK. Note that subscribers from outside the UK are more than welcome, so they can keep in touch with the UK "filk scene". You can subscribe via Minstrel's web site.

FilkNet, run by Mike Whitaker in the UK and Rob Wynne in the USA, provides IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and mailing lists for filkers.

filk.org.uk, run by Mike Whitaker, offers easily memorable email and web addresses for those who want them. Set up an @filk.org.uk address and have it forwarded to your own email address. Set up a Web address and have it redirect to your Web page.

Mike Whitaker also runs the Filk recording production mailing list. The list is intended for discussing all aspects of producing a filk recording, from how to mike an acoustic guitar all the way through to the best way of getting CD's duplicated and how to ship stuff to/from overseas.
To join this, mail production-request at altrion dot org with a message containing just the word 'subscribe' in its BODY.

The FilkArchive is a repository of filk music in MP3 form run by Martin GK.

GigCraft is a resource for people who gig regularly or occasionally with semi-professional bands, run by Mike Whitaker. It covers a wide range of topics, from equipment reviews, through how-to articles on all aspects of live performance, to advice on dealing with the financial side of things.

There is a thriving filk community in Germany. We have a lot of links with them and visit each other's conventions. A good place to start getting to know them is Juliane Honisch and Kerstin Dröge's Web site. Also see their main contact page for German filkers (in German).

FILK-DE is the german filk mailing list. As of its very nature most of the communication is in the German language, even if most of the members are able to communicate in English. The topic is - of course - filk.
To subscribe, send an(y) email (subject and body do not matter) to filk-de-subscribe (at) egroups com
To unsubscribe mail to filk-de-unsubscribe (at) egroups com
The list email address is filk-de (at) egroups com
Registered list members can read the archives on the web on www.egroups.com/

If you have problems or questions, simply ask the list-dad or -mum (volker (at) filk de  or  kirstin (at) filk de)

And for a very miscellaneous link, I'm now maintaining a site for Chingford Morris so I thought I'd give them a mention :-)

Filk Recordings and Books

Many of the UK Filk Books are available from Roger Robinson, who publishes them as Beccon Publications.

See also Kirstin Tanger's Edition Pegasus Filk Music Shop
This is in German only.

Also check the Database on this site for the relevant book or recording. I have added "Buy Online" links where available.

Several people also sell their own recordings direct - check Talis, Phoenix and MEW in particular. Chris Conway has links to commercial sites that sell his recordings.

For US recordings, try Random Factors