Links to Performers Web Sites

This page is for links to what I've called "Performers", that is major acts that do a lot of rehearsing, or people or groups that you might see at something other than a filk con or filk item - perhaps as a major item at a non-filk con, or at a folk club.

If you think you should be on here but have been left out, please let me know. (Assuming you have a Web site I can link to, of course!)

Chris Conway

Chris is a pofessional musician who plays many different instruments and styles.

Cosmic Trifle

Jonathan "Zander Nyrond" Waite, Chris "The Magician" O'Shea, Valerie Housden and Silke Kovar.

Talis Kimberley

Talis performs mainly at folk clubs & festivals. She plays green/political songs plus many others. She has lots of songs on YouTube.

Playing Rapunzel

Mich Sampson and Marilisa Valtazanou perform as a duo.

The n'Early Music Consort

The nMC are the British Filk Choir. They perform choral versions of various filk songs, some of them extremely silly!

Les Barker

Les is not a filker as such - but he writes a lot of things which are quite definitely filk! He writes poems on a range of topics from extremely silly to very serious, and performs mostly the silly ones at folk clubs and folk festivals in the UK, the USA, Canada and other countries.