Site Notes

Site requirements: I've used tables for layout, but I haven't used frames. Recommended resolution at least 800 X 600.

I've had to remove the Javascript generated email addresses since there's now at least one address stealing program that can read them. Please make the obvious modifications to the posted addresses - and please don't post the full addresses anywhere the spammers can get them :-(

It's text only at the moment, which will hopefully make it fast to load. If you want pretty graphics, clever design, and long downloads, this isn't the place! And no, I'm not currently intending to put my photos on here - mainly because there's something over 11,000 of them :-)

I have tested this with recent versions of Firefox, Opera and Internet Exploiter, all on a PC - please let me know if it breaks other browsers or operating systems

Please report site problems, broken links, errors, and suggested improvements to: website (at) filk co uk ('webmaster' was getting too much spam).