Upcoming Meetings

For the locations of any of these meetings, see Where WiGGLe.
For dates of future meetings, see When WiGGLe.

The Singing WiGGLe (SWiGGLe)

It looks like we have lost the Archery Club as a site for SWiGGLes. At the moment we are running some one-off house filks, usually at about the date that the SWiGGLe would have happened.

The next one will be at Rick's on Saturday 27th July 2013, from about 1pm.

Other events

There are occasional other house filks. These will normally be announced on the FILK_UK mailing list, but may not be notified here.
There are often filkers at general SF cons, particularly the annual Eastercon.

Various other gatherings happen, often at very short notice, especially if a foreign filker is visiting and we arrange something so we can meet them. Since these are often at private homes I can't post full details here - contact me at wiggle (at) filk co uk if you want to know more.