When is the WiGGLe?

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The regular monthly meetings have now finished due to low attendance.

Singing WiGGLe

We run occasional Singing meetings, known as "SWiGGLes". These are held on a Saturday at the end of April, July, and October - that is, at three monthly intervals with the UK Filk Convention at the beginning of February being the fourth quarterly event.

We have access to the place from 1:30pm, but it can sometimes take two or three hours before enough people have arrived for singing to start. Before that we sit round and chat. We have the room until late evening if we want. The actual time we finish can vary a lot. Recently we have run on very late, but at one time the meetings tended to break up at around 6 or 7 pm.


The other main SF event in the London area is the monthly general SF meeting. This is for all SF fans, but there are always several filkers there.

The meeting doesn't seem to have a specific name - theoretically it's something like "The London SF Circle", but I don't think anyone has used that in anything but written form for decades. It's usually known as the "Tun" or "Ton" meeting, referring to previous pubs that it used. It's been running since the mid 1930's, and is the meeting in which Sir Arthur C Clarke's "Tales from the White Hart" is set.

The meeting is on the first Thursday of every month, with an extra one just before Christmas which is "On the Thursday before Christmas, unless that would be Christmas Eve in which case it's the Thursday before that, because just saying the Thursday before Christmas Eve would be too easy". It runs from very early evening (about 5pm) until closing time - various filkers are there at various times during the evening.