Why "WiGGLe"?

Why are the meeting and newsletter called "WiGGLe"?

Back in 1988, the Eastercon was called "Follycon" (as it started on 1st April) and was held at the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool - the first of many Eastercons held there.

This was the first British convention where filk was more than just an obscure activity carried on in odd corners late at night. We had a filk guest (Les Barker), a filk concert in the main hall, and a room officially reserved for late night filking!

A bunch of us got together in one of the bars, and decided that we ought to write a song to be sung at the concert by all of us. So we did. Err . . . we filked the Smurf song. And we were all going to stand on stage in front of an audience and sing it.

So between then and the concert, any time two of us passed in the corridor, we would look at each other and say in unison: "We're Gonna Get Lynched!"

One of the things agreed during that concert was that we would hold monthly meetings in London, and at the first meeting I took notes for the first issue of what became the newsletter. I needed some sort of title, and of course the main essential was that it should be extremely silly - so I added a couple of vowels to the acronym for "We're Gonna Get Lynched!", and made "WiGGLe".

The original phrase is from the Deep Thought scene in the original radio version of the Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy:

Deep Thought: "The Answer Is . . . . . . . . Forty Two!"
The computer operator: "We're Gonna Get Lynched, you know that?"

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