Filk Music in the UK

Information on and history of filk music, filkers, and filk conventions in the UK.

Recent news

2015 Pegasus Winners

Best Time-Related Song: "Precious Moments", Phil Allcock
Best Adapted Song: "Grabthar's Silver Hammer", Steve Macdonald
Best Writer/Composer: Cat Faber
Best Performer: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Best Classic Filk Song: "Captain Jack and the Mermaid", Meg Davis
Best Filk Song: "My Story Is Not Done", Seanan McGuire

Tomorrow's Songs Today

Gary McGath's history of filk is available for free download

European Filk Conventions

UK Filkcon 2016: Con2bil8 (Con-Two-Bill-Eight), Marks Tey near Colchester, 5th to 7th February 2016.
UK guest Piers Cawley
International guest Stone Dragons (Tom & Sue Jeffers).

DFDF - Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik, Germany: 6th to 8th May 2016.
Guests Kirstin & Volker Tanger.

FilkCONtinental, Germany, 30th September-2nd October 2016.
GoH: Sally & Barry Childs-Helton (USA)
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