Filk Music in the UK

Information on and history of filk music, filkers, and filk conventions in the UK.

Recent news

Pegasus Awards

The Pegasus Awards Final Ballot is open. It closes on 20th October.

Callitechnicon 1

Marilisa will be running an afternoon of filking at Mich's place in East London on Sunday 16th November.
Please contact her for details, or email me: rafe (at) (

European Filk Conventions

FilkCONtinental, Germany, 3rd to 5th October 2014.
Guests: Vixy & Tony. Special guest Seanan McGuire.

UK Filkcon 2015: Con27ilkin (ConzFilkin), Marks Tey near Colchester, 6th to 8th February 2015.
UK guest Clare Goodall
International guest Graham & Becca Leathers.

DFDF - Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik, Germany, 5th–7th June 2015.
Guest of honour Daniela Festi.

Annie is intending to run a HalswayCon on the weekend of 28th to 30th August 2015.
Membership is not yet open, the details are still being sorted out.